Mikes5.com was created as an easy way of getting timely information to my clients in non-techy, plain English.

I help people with their computers every day and sometimes there are issues that repeat time and time again. For years I have been saying things like “I could use a billboard in the middle of town” or “If I could just spray paint this on the water tower” just to get important information out quickly, to as many people as possible, and hopefully mitigate some common frustrations.

The site will be casual and ever changing as I see issues come and go. The style will probably stay very simplistic, straightforward, and have few moving parts. And since posts that eventually drop out of the top 5 will be saved and put into categories, this site will be an ever growing and search-able library.

So we’ll see how this goes, this just might be the perfect water tower for me to use, and the local utility district will be spared a lot of really nerdy graffiti.